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5 Questions My 19-Month Old Will Probably Never Answer

CAM071151. Seriously, I’ve been sitting here the whole time you’ve been in the high chair. How did you manage to get pasta sauce on your butt?

2. What specifically about whacking the front door with a hanger causes you to cackle with glee and triumph?

3. Don’t those bath bubbles taste nasty? I mean, you’re shoving them into your mouth like cake bites.

4. I understand you’re tired. But you do realize that your screaming keeps YOU from falling asleep too, right?

5. I’m fascinated by your stubbornness. Honestly, having neither seen nor eaten either before today, how exactly were you able to tell the difference between yellow cake and corn bread?

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Nutritional Sugar

Overheard today during the kids’ mid-day snack, which included a peanut butter and honey sandwich…

Arielle: “Aaron, is honey good for you?”honey-photo

Aaron: “Yes. Honey is good for you.”

Arielle: “But how can it be good for you if it’s sweet?”

Aaron: “It’s because honey contains nutritional sugar.”

Ha! Nutritional Sugar! That Aaron… I can honestly say that’s definitely one I’ve never heard before. Gotta give the kid credit for thinking on his toes, though. 😛

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Be My BFF?

Hey everyone!

My agency, Children’s Institute, Inc. (CII), has been nominated once again for LA Photo Party’s Annual Non-Profit Party Package Giveaway! This means that we’re in the running to win more than $15,000 in free party services for our Holiday Festival in December!

CII’s Holiday Festival is a two-day event held on December 14-15, 2013. It is not a fundraiser; it’s a fun event for their clients, who are predominantly children from low-income families who have experienced abuse, neglect, or some type of community violence. For many of these clients, the Holiday Festival is the only celebration of the season, and the only opportunity for the children to get toys. TCII_logotypehese are children who have experienced some of the worst horrors imaginable in terms of violence and neglect. Almost all of them suffer from some degree of post-traumatic stress. The festival helps to make a real difference by just letting them have fun and be “regular” kids for a day.

Voting starts today and ends at 11:59pm on Monday, November 11th. Each voter can vote once per day and must confirm their selection via a verification email that will be automatically sent. The three organizations with the most votes win, so please, please, PLEASE visit the website and vote for Children’s Institute! Every vote counts! If you vote, I’ll be your best friend forever! 😉

Here’s the link to start voting:

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Join The Rebellion

Sometimes when I’m uploading pictures or typing out a conversation I’ve had with someone in my family, I wonder if people think I’m being pushy or overdoing it by constantly posting about my wife and kids and how much I love them. I wonder if maybe I should reduce the frequency of my shared observations so as not to put people off.

And then…Join The Rebellion (smaller)

I watch the news where it seems a majority (if not all) of the content is focused on domestic and community violence, betrayal and corruption, political posturing to the detriment of citizens, sexual exploitation of celebrities and children, public humiliation of people in relationships gone bad, and Sports.

And then…

I notice TV shows that are supposedly geared toward children but include gratuitous hyper-realized violence, subtle sexual undertones, or is simply a platform for blatant product promotion.

And then…

I look around at the adjunct education we may or may not be aware that our children are receiving at school: how to obtain drugs and alcohol while still underage, how to be (or at least appear) sexually active without your parents finding out, the pros and cons of bullying, and what it means to aspire to popularity at any cost.

And then…

I go to work and witness firsthand the long-term, sometimes irreparable effects of neglect and trauma on men, women and children… emotional repression, developmental delays, self-medication and isolation.


That’s when I realize that in spite of my endless stream of Instagram photos, flirtatious banter with my wife, or anything else I may share with my friends, family and the world… I could never match the sheer volume of negative elements that come together to form a fortified barrier against unified families and healthy relationships.


That’s when I realize that, while I may not be able make any significant dents alone, there CAN be success and strength if others join in and celebrate their passionate marriages, delightfully entertaining children and rewarding occupations. So join the rebellion and help me flood the world with stories of LOVE, VICTORY, and the pursuit of HEALTH.

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Keeping It Clean

retro headshot bw

Serious Riis Is Serious

I’m not an old man, but I’m not a young man anymore either. Hmm… I’m “just right”. I’m in the stage of my life where I’m young enough to pull off the occasional outrageous stunt (and I have), but old enough to know better (yeah, won’t do that again). I believe that for most people, with age comes wisdom. Here are a few things I’ve learned over the years…

  1. Whenever you leave the house, dress as if you’re about to meet the person who will be critical to advancing your career. Because eventually, the day will come when you will. No, it doesn’t mean you wear a suit everyday. Especially if you’re a musician. It just means don’t go outside looking like you never made it passed the curb after you left the rave party last night. These things are usually not planned, and it’s better to be ready.
  2. Wash your butt. There is absolutely NO REASON for you EVER to think, “I don’t need to wash my butt today.” Yes. You do. EVERY DAY. For real. Wash your butt!
  3. If you’re married, brag about your spouse to other people. Tell others what you find awesome about them. Do it often. It will prevent you from dwelling on the things that irritate you, and will instead remind you why marrying this person was the one of the best decisions you ever made. Over time, we can sometimes forget.
  4. If you have children, don’t forget to call your mom (or dad) every so often and tell her you love her. For you, it’s the realization and acknowledgment of the challenge they may have endured raising you. For them, they’ll know that you finally, FINALLY get it!
  5. Don’t let procrastination become a routine behavior. It’s like an invisible drug and one of the hardest habits to break. Plus, there’s no rehab clinic for it.
  6. Unless you have a tapeworm, there will come a point in your life when you won’t be able to get away with eating whatever you want. All that pizza, those hot dogs and those $2 fish tacos will all come back to bite you in your (clean) butt. It’s better to start making a habit of eating what’s best for you now, so that you can continue to do so later.
  7. Never take your family and friends for granted. Enjoy them as much as you can with the time you’re given.
  8. Don’t let your decision of whether or not to have kids be effected by finances. There is no “base price” for children. Every child is different and you’ll never know beforehand what your child’s needs might be or the cost associated with them.
  9. As a parent, never, ever withhold your affection from your children. It is one of the most critical love lessons they will ever learn. How they treat others is most often a direct result of how you treated them.
  10. Don’t be afraid to tell someone “no”. You avoid unnecessary stress, resentment and you gain respect from those who now understand the value of when you say “yes”.

Take those for what they may be worth to you. I guarantee these to be 100% true and effective or so says my Magic 8-Ball.

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