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One year older and youth yields to the yawn of yesterday…

An overcast morning met my moody eyes with a misty smile…

Barely cohesive thoughts caught like a cut of yarn in cat’s claws…

I expect no enlightenment, but I’m always interested in acknowledgment…

I guess wishes of well-being will wait a while longer…

As the day delivers dreams with some disappointments…

I realize those who remember will recognize me with no reluctance…

And I hold onto hope for herein lies my heart…

I was one day shy of a year yesterday, and so what’s the significance of today?  Well, it’s just one of those milestones that you have in life… another way to measure yourself against time.  We all live in a constant state of comparison… and in this case, I’m competing with Eternity.

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Just Another Jordan?

This post was actually written by my wife and posted on her blog “Momeopathy” today. It was so moving that I felt compelled to share it with everyone on Xanga. Please take a moment and read this true, heart breaking story. I think your life will forever be changed by it. – Riis

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Counting The Days

Since I started working out regularly, I’ve felt better than I have in a long time. I got up this morning and realized that exhaustion and weariness have been replaced by more energy and more focus. Of course some days are better than others. Highs and lows come with the territory. But overall, I feel fantastic.

In the past I’ve succeeded, failed and then tried again. I start over from Day 1, claiming that THIS time I’ll be victorious. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

But in my drive to meet some arbitrary weight loss goal or in pursuit of some achievement milestone, at times I lose sight of the fact that, in reality, my life is not so conveniently compartmentalized. These segments of time only serve to become unnecessary constraints by which I measure my success or failure.

So I’ve changed my perspective. Instead of recognizing Day 30 or 72 of a workout routine, I can now see that I’m at Day 14,600 of my LIFE.


Because in the end, when it comes to health… every single day counts.

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Top 10 Awkward Things To Say To A Coworker

Just something I was contemplating while getting coffee this morning in the staff lounge. In no particular order…

  1. “Did you know the CEO has a pimple on his butt?
  2. (while looking in the fridge) “I wonder who’s lucky enough to bring me lunch today.”
  3. “Can you tell I have a boner? I mean, is it like really obvious?”
  4. “Man… I can never tell how much sugar to put in the coffee filter.”
  5. “I just found this cool new website called ‘Office Amateurs’! Want me to send you the link?”
  6. (while holding head, eyes squinted with an obvious hangover) “Am I wearing pants?”
  7. “If someone named Bobby Knuckles calls, I’m not here, okay?”
  8. “You look just like my dad.”
  9. “What do you think about booking Nicki Minaj for this year’s Holiday Party?”
  10. “Do you ever feel like you just want to shoot everybody?”
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5 Things That Should Be Said (But Often Aren’t)

1) Whenever I come across blogs posts that I don’t understand or agree with, I do what I believe all people should do!


I go on with my life.

I like chocolate.

2) If you have a problem with someone on the internet, take matters into your own hands…
read a book.

3) Being attractive doesn’t buy you a pass to be an @$$hole.

4) Never underestimate the power of the OFF button. Use it with wild abandon.

5) I honest to goodness don’t care about you having your virtual toes stepped on. Move on.

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