Who me?

I’m an easy-going guy (although I haven’t actually settled on what “easy going” exactly means in my case). But let’s see how that develops over time. I tend to write about things most guys think about but probably rarely discuss with anyone else. I just happen to be one of those guys that likes to write and so I figured delving into the often shrouded male perspective on topics like emotions and relationships would be a good place to start. So what I’m offering on this blog is a peek into the minds and mystery of men (or “man” since I’m only one). All I would ask in return is maybe a share on Facebook or Twitter and perhaps a comment every now and then. 😉

What else about me?

Well my friends call me Riis (short for Maurice). But I’m known as Myxl Dove in music & literary circles (It’s my pseudonym. The origin of which I plan to post at a later date). See, I’m a musician, a poet, a writer, a singer and a performer. But what I am most proud of is being the father of 6 beautiful children and the joyful husband of 1 amazing, gorgeous wife!

No, seriously…

She’s like smokin’ hot…

I often stare at her in disbelief… *googoo eyes*

I’m completely smitten with her…

Okay, okay… enough of that.

I tend to talk about my wife and kids a lot (with accompanying photos since I’m a firm believer in the mantra “pics or it didn’t happen”).

So here’s the way it will work (usually). I plan to post Dove Notes Monday through Friday whenever I come up with them, and post poetry and prose on the weekends a whim. This is all subject to change, depending on the day and the circumstances. But that’s my goal. We’ll see how that goes. 😉


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Your wife is a beautiful woman, and she looks kind and warm, too. : )

    • Thanks. She really is an amazing woman. I am thankful everyday that we found each other and I can call her mine. 🙂 She’s actually working on her own blog that will be launching soon. I’ll let you know when it gets up and running and you can check her out.

  2. You visited my blog, I’d like to thank you for doing so and say how much I liked your about page, especially the comments regarding your children and your wife.

    • Thank you! I’m a man who’s madly in love. I always want that to be evident in whatever I say about my wife.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my poems. I like how you write.

    • Thank you for returning the gesture! I’m always appreciative of people who visit my little place on the web, but especially those who leave comments! 🙂

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