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Birth Of An Author

I am a writer.

I mean, I drink coffee and I like books. I literally eat them! No, wait… not literally. I just read… a lot. Oh, and I write funny posts about my kids, marriage, and life in general on my BLOG.

Okay, let me start over.

I am a writer who is one finished, first edition, brutally edited and picked apart, inaugural book away from becoming a legitimized – and hopefully successful – author.


(and expert coffee drinker)

I literally have far too many stories to tell (okay, that one really IS literal). They are my written descendants. Stories that will perpetuate my unique form of social observation, my penchant for exhaustive familial commentary and (verbosity… STOP).

I embrace the challenge of bringing forth these personal works of endurance. These pillars of perseverance that demonstrate once and for all that raising 6 children and working a 9 to 5 job, while suffering from occasional sleep deprivation… will never circumvent fate! *cue Chariots of Fire music*

And so I invite you to help me give birth to the first of my literary progeny! You can do so by contributing to my GoFundMe campaign. Here’s the link:

Dove Notes (tentative title) is my precocious child. Full of casual wit, personal observations, and the common experience of navigating interpersonal relationships. It is a collection of 100 curated anecdotes that will make you laugh, make you think, and provide you with the reassurance that you are not the only person in the world who is confused by life’s inconsistencies.

As with any serious endeavor, there are costs involved. Your donation will help cover the following:

$4,000 – the cost of a 15″ MacBook Pro that will be used almost exclusively for the purpose of writing and completing this book. And sometimes for playing music, to which my entire family will dance wildly.

$45 – the cost of Scrivener 2, a powerful content-generation tool for writers. I’ve sampled this program and it is an amazing piece of software tailored for writers.

$3,200 – the cost to obtain a Artful Self-Publishing Service Package that includes copyright registration, global distribution, ISBN assignment, editorial review, professional book design, an author website, Library of Congress Control Number, and various promotional materials.

$3,800 – will ensure the initial printing of 100 6×9 Casewrap Hardcover Books.

PRICELESS – my wife has graciously agreed to help me identify and set aside regulary scheduled, uninterrupted time to write.

Any amount will help. Just $5 puts me that much closer to the goal. With your support and encouragement, I WILL succeed.

From the bottom of my joyful heart,

Myxl Dove

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Confessions of a Bibliophile

I’ve talked about my love of books several times in previous posts on my blog. So I don’t think it’s any secret that I have a tendency to devour them any chance I get. Lately, I’ve grown quite fond of audiobooks as well. With a life as full as mine (with work, church and 5 children), it becomes increasingly difficult to find a chunk of uninterrupted time to dedicate to actually reading a tangible book. My solution of late? I’ve been resorting to audiobooks that accompany my commute to and from work each day. It has been a wonderful supplement to my voracious appetite for good fiction. It allows me the convenience of exploring new worlds and environments without forfeiting quality time with my family or shirking other responsibilities. What I’m finding out most recently is that I am often influenced by the book’s content in my everyday life.

For instance, I was reading (well, listening to)The Last Survivors” aka “Moon Crash” trilogy by the wonderfully talented author Susan Beth Pfeffer and after getting halfway through the first book, I went home and had a lengthy discussion with my wife and kids about having an emergency preparedness kit, and then deciding on an action plan for reuniting if a catastrophic disaster should ever befall us and we’re all in different places.

Anyway, I am now listening to/reading (and hold your judgements please ;-)) the Fifty Shades trilogy of books. While some of the subject matter (and let’s be honest, quality of writing) is questionable, I am finding myself a little more cognizant of certain influences when it comes to intimacy, communication and being forthright about my desires and expectations. My wife does not mind the additional tools I’ve acquired through this process :-P. For me, reading books can be both entertaining and somewhat of a treasure hunt, where elements of the story can be applied in real life.

Now, I’m a mature man who is completely capable of gleaning the best parts of a story for practical use and leaving the dross safely tucked away between the pages. But it did make me wonder if other people are influenced in this same way. It also made me realize the importance of certain literature being reserved for those who are mature enough to handle its content. I guess this is similar to the potential influence of video games and violent movies on young children. Certainly some things are best appreciated for their entertainment value when we get older. But as a bibliophile, I look forward to the treasure hunt in the next book I listen to or read.

Any suggestions? 😉

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I’m Writing Again!

This may seem strange considering that I have multiple blogs and I’m fairly active on any number of social networks. But I’ve recently found my muse and I’ve been inspired to return to writing! Not the blog article/occasionally-way-too-long-comment kind of writing. I mean the novel/short story kind of writing.

Over the years I’ve started several books with such provocative titles like “Puncture Wounds” and “Come Kill Me”. But for some reason they all wind up abandoned with their potential unrealized. Well, I’ve finally decided to finish them all, starting with a short story called “Ring The Alarm”.

I should be done with the first draft by this weekend, after which I will delve headlong into revisions and polishing. But for now, I’d like to share a snippet with you. I cover your comments. This is from the first chapter titled “The Institute”… Continue reading

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Fathers Share…

I wrote this with the intention of posting it on Father’s Day. Unfortunately, the days leading up to and including that day were quite busy. Still I felt the sentiment was relevant any day of the year. So I’ve decided to publish it today. 🙂


…their love of books.

…their love of fishing.

…their love of parades.

…their love of sports.

…their love of field trips.

…their love of tea parties.

…their love of sushi.

…their love of music.

…their love of accomplishment.

…their fatherly love for even non-biological children.


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DOVE NOTE #53: Distances

(from the forthcoming book “Dove Notes”)

Now I’ll be the first to say that having your own personal time/space or whatever you call it, when in a relationship is essential. Whether it be a Moms Night Out or a Guys Poker Night, these only tend to be brief stints of individuality (and sadly few and far between).  Is anything wrong with wanting/having this space? Absolutely not. It’s actually healthy to have ongoing scheduled times when you’re not joined at the hip with your partner. However, there will be times in most marriages (or any relationship, for that matter) when you’ll spend an extended period of time apart from the person you love. It could be due to a business trip that will last a few days, or perhaps you’re traveling solo for a family event like a wedding, birthday or funeral, or it could even be something as simple as volunteering to chaperone your kid’s camping trip or church retreat. Whatever the case may be, the result is being away from your significant other for days at a time.

Now I’m sure most people have heard the old adage “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Well, I want to turn that saying on its head! Distance, in and of itself, will NOT necessarily make the heart grow fonder. When people make this statement, they really should add a disclaimer that says “Only if certain conditions are met.” Because the truth is that being away from someone doesn’t make them miss you if you ignore them, it only serves to make them angry. 😉 Okay, okay… what am I getting at? It’s simple. You have a better chance of the heart growing fonder if you’re proactive about planning for the time you’re away. Here are just a few suggestions…

1.    You can leave brief love notes around the house or anywhere your S.O. will find them periodically while you’re gone. They don’t have to be long. Just something like leaving a note on her pillow that says, “You’ll be in my dreams tonight.” Or another note on the dashboard of her car that says, “At this very moment, I’m imagining myself sitting next to you, holding your hand.” You can call it corny if you like, but this simple deed will speak volumes about your love for her because of the obvious forethought that went into the planning and writing.

2.    You could have one (or more) of your S.O.’s favorite items delivered to the house by a family member or mutual friend while you’re away. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, if she likes chocolate and books, have her mother stop by the first day with Hershey’s Kisses (or Godiva if you roll like that) and say, “He wanted me to make sure you had something sweet.” Then on the second day, have her best friend drop off a book she’s been dying to read with a bookmark made from a picture of you two. And so on and so forth…

3.    Plan phone dates ahead of time, letting her know when you’re going to call or Skype each night you’re apart. It’ll be something to look forward to and it lets her know that regardless of where you are, she’s still the most important person in your life. Never forget that simple consideration goes a L O N G way in maintaining the spark in a relationship. 😉

While these are just a few suggestions, there are many ways to show your ongoing love and devotion to someone when you can’t be face to face. This can be especially important for those with spouses in the military who can be deployed for months at a time. In the grand scheme of things, this type of preparation is a relatively small effort to put forth to ensure that your S.O. never feels undervalued or forgotten when you’re apart… and when you really love someone, isn’t it worth it? 🙂

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