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I’m Done

…with trying to understand the flippant actions that continually contradict the words which used to serve as a life preserver for our friendship.

…with sorting through mixed feelings that can’t be categorized and therefore can’t be put away, so they lay scattered around my thoughts like open moving boxes with no room for their contents.

…with pretending your infrequent presence matters more than that of a common stranger whose dismissive costume you seem to prefer.

…with believing somehow my overall value and worth is inextricably tied to your varied opinions of my written words and recorded music which you only seem to tolerate in small doses while preoccupied.

…with attributing your lack of effort to the demands of everyday life while I watch others partake of your company and the apparent luxury of your time.

…with unsuccessfully crafting an image of me to make you feel less uncomfortable about the poor choices you’ve made that begin and end with you and you alone.

I’m done.*

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News From The Edge (of sanity)

I come across the wild and outlandish on a fairly frequent basis. But then there is the occasional news story so amazing that I simply must share it with my friends here. I mean, there’s so much going on in the world today. Somebody’s gotta spread the word. Here are a few highlights…

Katy Perry and gaggle of scantily clad women freed after being blamed for recent California heatwave. Judge rules admission of “skin so hot we’ll melt your popsicles” as insufficient evidence.

Perry thanks fans as she leaves the courthouse in landmark ruling. Judge lifts ice cream truck restraining order.

Tom Cruise reveals recovery from fallout over Oprah appearance as possible plot for Mission Impossible 4, due to hit theaters after talk show host’s retirement.

Oprah's decision to retire rumored to stem from injuries sustained during Tom Cruise appearance.

AdCouncil abruptly drops Charmander Pokemon as mascot for STD prevention campaign. Targeted at youth familiar with the fire lizard, an AdCouncil spokesman stated “these kids are too familiar with the game’s ‘Gotta Catch ’em All’ slogan, which effectively contradicts the message we’re trying to convey.”

AdCouncil admits poor taste of referencing flames or burning in relation to STDs.

In an attempt to attract more viewers to its counter-programming, ABC, CBS and NBC to rename shows to degrade, insult and hopefully compete with main rival American Idol on Fox. Recently renamed shows include: American Idol’s Biggest Loser on ABC, $#!+ My Dad Says About American Idol on CBS, and Law & Order: Idol Criminals on NBC.

In related news, Fox announces Antoine Dodson as new American Idol judge. Dodson had this to say about his new appointment:

"Obviously, I wudn't gone do dis aless they agreed ta lemme sell my doll to errybody out here."

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You’re A Good Job

As some of you already know, I absolutely adore my children. All of them. From the 15 year old, down to the (nearly) 2 year old, they are a constant source of smiles. I’m often amazed by just how much they emulate the things I do and say. With the older ones, I work diligently to instill in them honesty, integrity and compassion by demonstrating these characteristics toward them and others. For the younger ones, it’s delightful when they pick up on a new action… like cleaning up their toys or putting on their clothes. But most of the time, the smaller victories come in the form of them simply following instructions the first time, instead of the usual repeating that takes place ad nauseum.

Everything seems cooler when Aaron is involved.

Through all of this, I will take every opportunity to provide them with encouragement. I’ve learned that a well placed “Good job!” can go a long way to provoking repeated good behavior. I have to laugh thought at times when Aaron uses one of my well coined phrases. For instance, after I made him a particularly tasty Almond Butter and Peach Spread sandwich, he looked at me and said, “Thanks, Dad. You’re a good job!” with a level of enthusiasm that makes everything in the entire world seem just bit brighter. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. I barely managed a controlled “You’re very welcome, Aaron” through my stifled chuckling. Upon seeing his smile from ear to ear, I followed that up with a very sincere, “You’re a good job too!”

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Hello world!

When I first signed up, I was amazed to find that I’d already blogged. Granted, the post simply said, “Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!” But the fact that I’d written something without knowing led me to believe that I had some super blog power that was suddenly awakened. Needless to say, further attempts to blog without knowing it have failed miserably. Oh well, back to good ol’ writing from scratch. 🙂

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I Saw You

I saw you.
In a familiar foreign place.
A location I infrequently visit.
But it wasn’t until I saw you that I realized why.

I saw you.
With a hardened, fixed expression like a trophy.
You hadn’t notice I’d walked in.
And I doubted there would be any recognition.

I saw you.
And I was at once faced with a decision.
To speak and make my presence known?
Or erase all traces of my intrusion.

I saw you.
And in an instant I was frozen.
In a moment that felt like hours.
But instead I silently walked away.

Until I could safely see you no longer.

By Myxl Dove
©2010 Mythic Elf Publishing

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