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It’s all because of…


This was a picture I took this weekend during our last maternity photo shoot. It’s the last we’ll ever have as this is our last child. When I think about all that is wonderful in my life, it all comes back to this woman.

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PHOTOBLOG: 8 Is Enough

Someone asked me if I had any new pictures to share and I realized that I hadn’t posted any recent photos of my kids in a while. So, I thought I’d share some from December ’12 and January ’13 while I’m working on my 2012 Year In Review post. 

Myxl, Jr. – 17

Chris – 16

Aaron – 6 (well, on February 2nd he will be)

Arielle – 4

Avery – 1 1/2

The Crew (so far… )

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We’d been talking about going to the zoo all week but were a bit concerned that it might rain today. So when we got up this morning and saw that there was indeed heavy, falling moisture in the air, we were a little bummed. However, my oldest son mentioned that friends at his school told him that rainy days were the best days to go to the zoo. So of course, I looked it up. And wouldn’t you know it… rainy days ARE considered the best days to go to the zoo. This is for several reasons:

  1. The zoo won’t be as crowded since people don’t want to come out in the rain.
  2. According to one of the workers at the zoo, the animals are actually more active on rainy days.
  3. Puddle splashing and twirling umbrellas only add to the adventure of the day.

Needless to say, we packed up the family and headed out.

I apologize for the fact that there are only 4 pictures. I’m usually the photographer in our family, but I passed off the camera to one of my sons who thought that when I said, “Take pictures” I meant, “Only take pictures of the animals and none of the family actually enjoying our visit.” lol So, here are a few with people in it… and one with a goat.

My gorgeously pregnant wife and Aaron.

Chris and Aaron.

The always lovely Arielle.

The goat.

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