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This Last Year

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this blog. Mostly it’s been because my life has been a series of peculiar events.

The sad part is that, in the past these peculiar events were the very reason I became a blogger in the first place. The only thing is I felt like I had to always explain everything which made the process of ACTUALLY blogging drawn out and quite tedious.

But the good part is that I’ve committed to blogging again. Not in the way I used to… creating posts that would either entertain or provoke deep thought. But as a way to chronicle the changes that are taking place in my life. The type of change that over the next 5 years will feel and look quite dramatic.

My wife and I have shifted our focus. And this new direction will affect the rest of our lives. So my blog posts will probably be a lot shorter. But I’ll be sure to include pertinent info. Feel free to join me on the journey. 🙂

That being said…

Tonight was a pivotal moment in that my wife and I met with The Rockets who really provided us with some clarity and encouragement. I will be starting a temp job in the morning at RAND Corporation. I’ll give more details about that later. But as it would happen, I broke my glasses tonight… the night before I start a new job. Awesome! 😛

w/The Rockets

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Be My BFF?

Hey everyone!

My agency, Children’s Institute, Inc. (CII), has been nominated once again for LA Photo Party’s Annual Non-Profit Party Package Giveaway! This means that we’re in the running to win more than $15,000 in free party services for our Holiday Festival in December!

CII’s Holiday Festival is a two-day event held on December 14-15, 2013. It is not a fundraiser; it’s a fun event for their clients, who are predominantly children from low-income families who have experienced abuse, neglect, or some type of community violence. For many of these clients, the Holiday Festival is the only celebration of the season, and the only opportunity for the children to get toys. TCII_logotypehese are children who have experienced some of the worst horrors imaginable in terms of violence and neglect. Almost all of them suffer from some degree of post-traumatic stress. The festival helps to make a real difference by just letting them have fun and be “regular” kids for a day.

Voting starts today and ends at 11:59pm on Monday, November 11th. Each voter can vote once per day and must confirm their selection via a verification email that will be automatically sent. The three organizations with the most votes win, so please, please, PLEASE visit the website and vote for Children’s Institute! Every vote counts! If you vote, I’ll be your best friend forever! 😉

Here’s the link to start voting:

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DOVE NOTE #9: Perspective

You know… perspective is a fascinating thing.  It can affect your entire outlook on life.  While at the place I worked previously, I would often tell my wife, “It seems like whenever I look up, I’m back at work” and it was depressing. :-/ I could never live in the moments that I spent at home with my family because whenever I was home I was thinking about being at work.  I know that this was due in part to the fact that work life was EXTREMELY stressful. And as much as I tried not to bring it home with me, I would fail… miserably.

But ever since starting my current job, I think and see differently.  Now I smile and say, “You know honey, all I do is blink and I’m back at home.” 🙂 I relish in the moments that I’m at home and enjoy every second.  For a while, I used to say, “I turn around, and here I am back in bed with you” 😀  It may seem like a small thing, but I tell you, perspective makes all the difference in the world.

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DOVE NOTE #46: Debate Abatement

(from the forthcoming book “Dove Notes”)

You can often avoid unnecessary debate with your significant other by simply answering a question clearly and completely the first time it is asked.  Ambiguous responses are typically unacceptable, and answering a question with a question is borderline abomination.

Some conversations become unnecessarily convoluted because of miscommunication, assumption and hurt feelings.  Many times this byproduct is completely unintentional, but left unchecked, conflict becomes equally unavoidable.

The key to avoiding this pitfall is to make sure you fully understand the question being asked before you answer.  Try to connect with the underlying motive for the question being asked.  Realize that the person is trying to gather very specific information from you.  It’s your job to identify what info they are requesting and then answer that question directly.

Here are a few examples:

Do you want to go dancing?

CORRECT: “Yes” or “No”                  INCORRECT: “I don’t mind”, or, “I’m not a good dancer”

Are you hungry?

CORRECT: “Yes” or “No”                  INCORRECT: “I could eat”, or, “Are you cooking?”

Did you call my father back yet?

CORRECT: “Yes” or “No”                  INCORRECT: “Why, did he call you?”, or, “You know I’ve had a busy day”

If you fail to answer the question directly, your purely innocent conversation that otherwise would have lasted maybe 15 seconds, will now consume the better part of a day… or more, depending on how utterly clueless and insensitive your response was considered to be.

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