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You know what/who inspires me…???

  • …people who blog without feeling obligated to entertain. They write from the heart and their wit and intellect is evident without being contrived.
  • …watching someone pay it forward. For instance, I make it a point when driving to allow space for cars attempting to merge into traffic. It costs me nothing except maybe 5 seconds of my time. Down the road, I’ll sometimes see that same car give the right of way to a pedestrian or another vehicle and I smile.
  • …receiving awesome messages from new readers who tell me how they can relate to, or may have been moved by, something I wrote.
  • …people with amazing talent who seem to do things with ease that I couldn’t do if my life depended on it!
  • …people who have taken the time to encourage my gifts, whether it be my music or my writing. I will always value and appreciate the feedback.
  • …my friends who I can count on for prayer and support when I’m hitting a rough patch. Thank you to my forever family.
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DOVE NOTE #22: Feedback

(from the forthcoming book “Dove Notes”)

For a woman, a comment can almost be akin to foreplay.  Women appreciate feedback.  They appreciate it more if they don’t have to prompt you first.  If she’s lost weight… comment.  If she has changed her hair color or length… comment.  If she has achieved a goal or any other accomplishment, no matter how trivial it may seem to you… comment.

These observations convey to her how important she is to you.  It establishes her value in a way that she will always remember and can often refer to.  Also, this gives her bragging rights with her friends, and if you don’t know… this is very beneficial for you.  Trust me.

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