RDT: Existing

In the past, I’ve observed some people who’ve desperately wanted certain things in life and have worked feverishly to acquire it… whether it be fame, fortune or even love… only to find out that once they attained it, there was nothing left to work hard toward.  It would almost have been better had they never gotten it… no longer are they driven to excel or determined to succeed.  They just… exist.

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Who decided tha…

Who decided that nearly everything should be abbreviated?

What does it say about us as a society that we seem to openly despise multisyllabic words; going so far as working to actively avoid them in print and conversation?

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Random Dove Thought: Foolish Maturity

Maturity is looking back on things we did in the past and realizing how childish and foolish they were.🤪 While at the same time, accepting that we are still doing foolish things…😜 just more adultingly. 🧐

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Random Dove Thought: Word is Bond

There was a time when a person’s word was highly valued. When you made a promise, there was a reasonable expectation that it would be kept, even if it meant your own hurt. Your word was inextricably linked to your honor. But we live in a time now where people have become, more often than not, skeptical of the intentions and motivations of others.

Keeping Your Word.jpg

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Random Dove Thought

Think about this… to a fish, water is the “air” it breathes. So as far as it’s concerned, it’s flying.

School of Fish

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