Daddy! Come Quick!

PREVIOUSLY ON “Daddy! Come Quick!”

A leaky diaper at 2:00am interrupts our father’s normal sleep cycle when a delirious, yet still adorable, 3 1/2 year old requires a change of clothes and a full bed makeover, including the temporary relocation of a dozen stuffed animals.


All clean!

TONIGHT ON “Daddy! Come Quick!”

While performing what could easily be his 1 millionth diaper change, Dad reflects on that glorious day when the only poop he’ll have to manage is his own.


Take precautions!

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3 thoughts on “Daddy! Come Quick!

  1. That time should come sooner than later!

  2. blacktarheart

    I think I have that exact pack n play in the basement. Still in rotation during baby-babysitting. How cute. I love 2am bed-wetting, diaper/underwear-changing, stuffed animal displacing, sheet swapping nights.

  3. LOL
    I simply can’t wait until a little one calls me “Mom”… Even if it’s 2am & I’m tired. I still will love it! Your children are so adorable! :0)

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