Ditching The Fanny Pack

Because of the chaos of life, my abs which were once a clearly recognizable 6-pack, had more recently come to resemble a fanny pack. So I knew something No More Fanny Packhad to be done.

What I’ve found is that best way to get where I need to be (and appreciate where I am), is to recognize how far I’ve already come. With the encouragement of my wife, I’ve restarted my workouts, and my personally designed Jonathan Diet. Today is only day 3, but it’s 3 days further than I was before.


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5 thoughts on “Ditching The Fanny Pack

  1. iamsunnyd

    encouragment from a loved one is always key!! Make it work!!

  2. IceBreaker

    In any case, you still look great!

  3. Khai

    THAT is your definition of a fanny pack?

    Dammmnnnnnn good thing we don’t work out together… I’d cry in shame every day about my messenger bag!

  4. Hey, I’ve nominated you for the Leibster Award! 🙂 The post is right here: http://asviewedbymia.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/leibster-award/

  5. ❤ fit life! good luck!!

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