Things I Used To Do…

…write posts on this blog. 😦

But life seems to get in the way, and despite my fervent desire for consistency, I find myse…

BRB, kids fighting. 😛

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8 thoughts on “Things I Used To Do…

  1. Ha I know what you m…

  2. Kids or not, I feel like blogging seems to take a lot more energy than it used to.

  3. Hope the kids don’t hurt each other.

  4. Out of desperation, I have started to write my blogs on word and then publish. So responsible. *shudders*

    • Hey, that’s not a half bad idea! However, I did notice that, while I got an email notice of a new post of yours, that post doesn’t show up on your actual blog. I wanted to comment on it. 🙂

      • Ah… Well, my version of Word is kind of awesome in that I can directly link it to my blog and publish without copy/pasting. But I have TWO blogs! I have verbosevictoria and I have operationbubblestorm which is my home schooling blog. I accidentally published the home school blog to my regular blog so I had to go back and delete it so…that’s why you can’t see it. Unless you follow me at! 😀

  5. I feel ya. Good luck! *hugs*

  6. Amazing how I go from having so much to say…to so little.
    I shake my head at how I once had a post every day for five months on Xanga…now I barely post once a month.

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