Life Isn’t Worth Rushing

While we should strive to be punctual at all times, we will at some point find ourselves the victim of unforeseen circumstances that cause us to arrive late to an important appointment. Our tendency is to become anxious or worried. We may drive more carelessly. Take more risks. All in an effort to minimize the amount of time we’ve fallen behind.picture1

But I think we should always remember one key thing..

There is nothing more important than you.

Without you, there will be no meeting… no interview… no presentation… no sharing of ideas… no important delivery… no signed contract, etc, etc. When we understand our own worth, we realize that, when necessary, everyone can wait.

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2 thoughts on “Life Isn’t Worth Rushing

  1. I am always in a hurry and hate to be late for anything. And then stuff happens!!!

  2. I dunno.. just because you find yourself important doesn’t mean others will.. For instance… how important to a meeting is an intern? And how likely to be hired on would that person be if everyone saw that they were continually late? I think it’s more important to plan your time more accordingly.. IE if you know you have a meeting to attend.. don’t sit around on social networking sites until 5 minutes prior and then get upset when the elevator isn’t coming down fast enough and whatnot..

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