Nutritional Sugar

Overheard today during the kids’ mid-day snack, which included a peanut butter and honey sandwich…

Arielle: “Aaron, is honey good for you?”honey-photo

Aaron: “Yes. Honey is good for you.”

Arielle: “But how can it be good for you if it’s sweet?”

Aaron: “It’s because honey contains nutritional sugar.”

Ha! Nutritional Sugar! That Aaron… I can honestly say that’s definitely one I’ve never heard before. Gotta give the kid credit for thinking on his toes, though. 😛

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2 thoughts on “Nutritional Sugar

  1. I have been building my diet around the concept of “nutritional sugar” for years… Heh.
    (But now I’m wondering, is it possible he heard the phrase “nutritive sweetener” somewhere? Sometimes kids remember remarkable things.)

  2. It’s real to a point. There are sugars that are good and bad for you.

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