Anniversary Eve

Tomorrow. August 7th, my wife and I will be celebrating our 9 Year Wedding Anniversary. We dated for 3 years prior to our wedding day, which gives us a good dozen years of being together.

We were talking last night and I said, “You know babe, with everything that has happened in the last 12 years… dating, getting married, having children, buying a house, changing jobs… I can’t even remember my life before you.” The best part about this? I don’t have to. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Anniversary Eve

  1. Congratulations.

  2. unicornsrevenge

    Yaaaay! I hope yall have a swell time celebrating.

  3. big congrats!!!!!!

  4. Congrats!!

  5. blacktarheart

    So sweet!

  6. Congrats. My wife and I celebrated 12 years in April.

  7. Congratulations! You make a beautiful couple.

  8. CONGRATS Riis and wife ( I wanna say Audrey, but not 100% sure).

  9. Smile

    this made me happy =)

    yay you and your wife!

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