Provocative Words

Words are so powerful.

Just a few choice words can easily affect your heart rate, your appetite, your behavior, your attitude, even your ability to sleep. They are not bound by time, distance or location. And yet, knowing that words are tools potent enough to start and end wars, I marvel at how carelessly we sometimes wield them.

Perhaps the draw is based on a desire to observe how others react to the words you’ve chosen. Some people are motivated by a need to feel important, to have some form of control over their lives. Some are simply master manipulators and words are their weapon of choice.

Whether for good or evil, it’s important to check your intentions, and to be mindful of the affect your words may have, BEFORE you unleash them on an unsuspecting world.

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4 thoughts on “Provocative Words

  1. I struggle with the Christian concept of guarding your heart so mean words don’t pop out of your mouth. But the concept if guarding your heart is a hard one.

  2. Ah, the gift of gab: both a blessing &/or a curse.

  3. Shawn Ashley

    Words are forever on your mind… Whereas physical hurt… Heals and you can almost forget… Mental bruises…Never heal.

  4. Just 26 letters- but they make all the difference.

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