Spinning The ChocolatRouge

Childhood games… Freeze Tag. Hide and Seek. Ding, Dong Ditch’em. B-B Britches. I’ve played them all and I have fond memories of all the neighborhood friends and classmates who joined in. However, I can’t say that I remember playing Spin The Bottle a lot when I was younger. I’m not sure why. Maybe it just wasn’t popular among the crowd I hung out with. I know that it involved kissing the person at whom the bottle pointed. That could be both good and bad. But I think for some of the teenagers, kissing seemed… boring? lol

The game that was played most often at high school parties that I attended was Truth or Dare. These games were particularly interesting when those involved included people who secretly liked someone else in the group, or as an excuse for established couples to make out in public. There was the occasional dare that caused jealousy to rear it’s ugly head when a girl kissed (among other things) a guy who was another girl’s boyfriend or vice versa. But for the most part, it was all in good, albeit somewhat risque, fun.

A friend recently reminded me of the game of Spin The Bottle and it got me to wondering… I know how crazy my friends and I were as kids, but I wonder how different the game would be to play as an adult? Hmm… there goes that vivid imagination of mine (I mentioned to someone that it’s one of my super powers ). So last night, after all the kids were in bed, I downed the last remaining drops of this delicious bottle…

Since the bottle was now empty (which it should be if you’re going to use it), I was encouraged to spin it… and I did. When it finally stopped, it was pointing at the refrigerator. So, I looked inside and as one is obligated to do, kissed a strawberry. smooch

Have you ever played Spin The Bottle or any other kissing games?

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