Return From Hiatus

I just wanted to let those who read and comment here (the faithful few ;-)) that I have returned from my self-imposed hiatus. This was precipitated by the realization that my life had gotten out of balance. Instead of taking advantage of brief moments throughout the day to stare into the wonder-filled eyes of my beautiful wife, or giving my full attention to my energetic children as they told me stories about their day, I found myself using those moments to think more about the next witty Facebook status update, posting articles to my WordPress, or uploading cute pictures and funny family videos.

Feeling as if there was never enough time in the day, I had none to throw away. Time is precious and I’d rather be putting that time toward more important endeavors. So I took a break to re-examine this balance. And in the end, I’m glad I did. I’m slowly finding the balance I was searching for. Not surprisingly, this discovery and self-imposed hiatus coincided with vacation from my job that started on December 28th and just ended on January 21st. It was a wonderful, amazing time spent just loving my family, reassessing my goals and enjoying life.

So as I make my way back onto the WordPress landscape, I will be backdating a few articles that were written during the break. I look forward to catching up with everyone! 😀

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