My Son, The President

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a political statement. Just food for thought…

Four years ago, after Obama was elected as President, one of my teen sons asked me, “Dad, was it illegal for black people to be President before Obama?” I was floored. The fact that it occurred to him that perhaps there was a law prohibiting minorities from ascending to the highest office was both sad and frightening.

It’s not as if there wasn’t a precedence for that type of law in our nation’s history. But to think that my teenage son saw Obama’s election as the changing of law was/is rather profound. My response to him was, “No, it was not illegal. The possibility existed, but now it has become reality.”

I’ve taken this as a chance to build confidence in all of my children. I let them know that most of the limitations we face are those we’ve placed on ourselves. This is why I’m continually reinforcing the fact that with focus, dedication and hard work, they can indeed be anything they are meant to be… including President.

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