People Watching

In support of my referentially unsubstantiated, but scientifically plausible belief that confession is the first step toward recovery, I’d like to say this:

My name is Riis, and I’m a People Watcher.
(sounds kind of dirty, doesn’t it? )

Wait, wait, wait. It’s not that I think People Watching is anything to be ashamed or cured of. It’s just that maybe some things are perhaps not as socially acceptable to confess? Maybe? Perhaps? Now that I think of it, I wonder if more people are this way than are willing to admit here online. Hmm… whatever. I don’t mind being the first.

At any given time while I’m driving (and of course, paying VERY close attention to the road), I will see people at intersections waiting to cross the street, a drove of teenagers walking to school… while texting, an older Hispanic man with a bicycle-cart carrying groceries or paint supplies or Vote Obama lawn signs (true story), or two young guys criss-crossing each other on skateboards heading toward the park.

What I find fascinating is that I’m starting to see design patterns in regard to people and how they look. You know, common physical traits that group people together in what could easily be labeled a body-fashion template. I can’t tell you how many pale, young women of varying body sizes I’ve seen who all have dark, shoulder-length curly hair and seem to shop at the same clothing store. I’ve also come to believe that this one lanky, goth teen boy with glittery, dark purple hair who was crossing the parking lot of El Camino College just moments before I saw him eating a hot dog at the outside table of a Wienerschnitzel, can fly or teleport. It’s the only explanation that works right now. :-/

Anyway, I think people watching is what drives some people to photo-stalking. Not that I’VE done that, but I can understand that curiosity often spurs peculiar behavior. Like having an increase of random people send me friend requests after posting fitness photos on some of my recent posts. o_O They’re just people watching, right?

So… anybody else people watch?

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One thought on “People Watching

  1. TheOthers1

    If I have nothing else to do. And by that I mean, I don’t always take the time to do it. It’s great when I’m at the airport if I’m not alone. I always feel self-conscious watching people if I’m somewhere alone.

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