Top 10 Awkward Things To Say To A Coworker

Just something I was contemplating while getting coffee this morning in the staff lounge. In no particular order…

  1. “Did you know the CEO has a pimple on his butt?
  2. (while looking in the fridge) “I wonder who’s lucky enough to bring me lunch today.”
  3. “Can you tell I have a boner? I mean, is it like really obvious?”
  4. “Man… I can never tell how much sugar to put in the coffee filter.”
  5. “I just found this cool new website called ‘Office Amateurs’! Want me to send you the link?”
  6. (while holding head, eyes squinted with an obvious hangover) “Am I wearing pants?”
  7. “If someone named Bobby Knuckles calls, I’m not here, okay?”
  8. “You look just like my dad.”
  9. “What do you think about booking Nicki Minaj for this year’s Holiday Party?”
  10. “Do you ever feel like you just want to shoot everybody?”
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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Awkward Things To Say To A Coworker

  1. Hahaha! #10, I’ve heard. #3 was strongly alluded to.

    Mind you, where I worked, if any sort of ‘authority’ were to step in, everyone would be up on some sort of harassment charge, I swear.

    All in good fun, I promise!! 😛

  2. Number 4 kills me. I would LOVE to pull that on someone and watch them freak out.

  3. Oh my! This made me snort-laugh! 😀

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