Using Web Protection aka Practicing Safe Surfing

You know, I’m a huge advocate of maintaining a good deal of privacy and making sure that you keep sensitive personal information out of the hands of people who would seek to exploit that information. But what I’ve noticed in my many virtual journeys throughout the webosphere is that there are many people who are extremely protective of people knowing their names and/or hiding their faces. And I don’t mean knowing their full name: first, last and middle initial. But even just their first name. The extent to which they go to protect divulging their name sometimes borders on severe paranoia. This could be due to a bad experience in the past where they suffered identity theft, stalking or even cyber-bullying. So for those people I completely understand. But for a good number of people I think it has more to do with an overwhelming sense of being vulnerable I suppose.

Of course I realize that this is not always the case. There are many people who will gladly say, “Hi, my name’s John!” or “I know my blog says AddictedToChewToys but please, just call me Doris”. I tend to be one of those people.  For anyone who’s read my blog for any length of time, I’ve posted lots of pictures and mentioned my name on a number of occasions because I think it makes the wole blogging experience more personal. As a matter of fact, having people call me by my nickname (it’s Riis, for those who don’t know) makes me feel as if they care more. I don’t know. Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t. But I certainly think it’s better than having people address me with a hearty “Hey you!” or simply “That guy”.

So I’m curious as to what other people may think about this.

What are your thoughts?
Are you protective of letting people online know your first name or see your face?
And if so, is there a particular reason?

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One thought on “Using Web Protection aka Practicing Safe Surfing

  1. TheOthers1

    I tell people my nickname always. That doesn’t bother me actually and I prefer it. As for showing my face, I don’t have issues with that so much. I’m just not particularly photogenic so I don’t often take pictures of my face. If someone wants to get your information to cause issues, there are easier ways to do it as opposed to looking on a blog.

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