Laughter Is The Best… Pick-Up Line?

One day while at a birthday party I had an chance to talk to one of my close female friends.  Now she happens to be one of those just-pretty-without-trying kind of women, which means that she’s approached by interested and hopeful men on a regular basis.  On this particular occasion, she was telling me about how frustrating it has been for her to have guys hit on her who come with these offensively outdated pick-up lines and seem to have an utter lack of creativity.  Someone else at the party asked her what would she actually respond to, and she thought for a moment.

I looked at her and told her that I probably have an idea.  She smiled and gave me the “go for it” glance.  I said that knowing her as long as I have, I would guess that the way to get her attention is to make her laugh.  To approach her with simple, humor laced conversation completely void of any expectation of anything more.  She looked at me with a sudden realization and nodded in agreement.  Then she sighed because it hadn’t happened yet, and she was doubtful it would any time soon. Of course, I had a fleeting desire to become the next Hitch. But I ditched that idea rather quickly.

So she enjoys a man who’s funny, but has an intelligent wit about him.  I wonder how many other women would go for that? Hmm… I suppose laughter overcomes many obstacles, including rejection.

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2 thoughts on “Laughter Is The Best… Pick-Up Line?

  1. good for you for being the funny one! They are always the most memorable ones 😉

  2. Yes! Laughter is sooo important!

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