Help Wanted

You know, it continues to amazing me how much your childhood affects you as an adult. The person you become is a sum of all the experiences you’ve had and people you encountered.

I grew up in a large extended family. At one time there were 14 people living in our house. .. aunts, cousins, friends of friends, you name it. I’ve seen my parents extend a helping hand to just about any and everybody. So I’ve grown up with the same mindset when it comes to family and helping others. I’d do just about anything for my siblings (legal and non-life threatening, that is).

But in contrast, I know someone who grew up alone, raised by their mother. It shocked me how they had no real sense of family or any desire to help others unless it benefitted them in some way. It’s so bad that they don’t even expect help from other people. They even feel that if someone were to lend them a helping hand that somehow they’re imposing and burdening them unreasonably.

That type of mentality is so foreign to me. If my sibling needs help and I’m able, I help them. Even if it seems unfair to some people, it doesn’t matter… they’re family. Bottom line. And if someone offers to help me, and I KNOW that I need the help, I wouldn’t let my pride cause me to turn it down.

Isn’t that one of the reasons we’re here… to help one another?

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3 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. Wow, a household of 14 is beyond my comprehension for a day-to-day life! I see my extended family fairly often, but never have I lived in a home with more than 10 people at once (extended family sleepovers). It’s great that you’ve had such familial support growing up. Not everyone is so lucky.

  2. I’m quick to open my home to others, should there be need. Yet, I grew up in a very isolated family environment.

    This has led to me being very uncomfortable with people helping in any way. Part of it is, isolation aside, my extended family functions on a system of “you owe me”. No lie. It’s terrible. There is no such thing as a favour. Depending on what’s done for you, and by whom, you could be in deep.

    I’ll help as much as i can without being asked. But do not help me. I’d rather go it alone.

    Corey has been so patient with me, though. He’s been teaching me to accept help when it comes. Especially where Raine is concerned. Still, it’s one hell of a challenge.

  3. This is beautiful. And I think you are exactly right…a part of our purpose in being here is to help others. I see all of us on this journey called life…and if we seek to show love, compassion, grace, mercy, understanding…we can all make our way. 🙂 I sure appreciate everyone who has helped me in my life…so out of gratitude, I give to any one I can help. 🙂
    I don’t understand people who make life harder for others.

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