DOVE NOTE #9: Perspective

You know… perspective is a fascinating thing.  It can affect your entire outlook on life.  While at the place I worked previously, I would often tell my wife, “It seems like whenever I look up, I’m back at work” and it was depressing. :-/ I could never live in the moments that I spent at home with my family because whenever I was home I was thinking about being at work.  I know that this was due in part to the fact that work life was EXTREMELY stressful. And as much as I tried not to bring it home with me, I would fail… miserably.

But ever since starting my current job, I think and see differently.  Now I smile and say, “You know honey, all I do is blink and I’m back at home.” 🙂 I relish in the moments that I’m at home and enjoy every second.  For a while, I used to say, “I turn around, and here I am back in bed with you” 😀  It may seem like a small thing, but I tell you, perspective makes all the difference in the world.

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