It Doesn’t Have To Be…

…Father’s Day to appreciate your dad.

COUNTDOWN: 11 days until Father’s Day…

About 3 years ago, I was headlong in the process of remodeling my garage and turning it into a functional Rec Room. The process was taking longer than I anticipated, due mostly to the fact that I could only really work on it during my off day of Saturday. But I was happy about the fact that I was building something with my own hands. When it was all said and done, I was able to sit back, look at it and say, “I did this.” 🙂  There was a real sense of accomplishment, which was certainly part of my incentive. The other part? Moments like one particular remodeling weekend…

My dad turned 70 in 2009. But to see him, you’d hardly think that was his age.

My dad and Arielle.


It was Friday when I called him and basically said, “Hey Dad, I’ll be putting up the drywall tomorrow and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. So in order to avoid screwing things up, I would really love it if you could come over and help me.” 🙂  His response? With an obvious smile, he said, “Okay, I’ll have your mother drop me off.” Sure enough, he came over with tools in-hand. He proceeded to bless me with his expertise and his conversation. He explained all the tools I would need and the most effective methods to use. He even went with me to Home Depot to pick up more materials and show me exactly what kinds of tools to buy. See, of all the kids, I’m probably the most like my dad. We share a lot of similar interests and I just thoroughly enjoy his company. I could tell he was enjoying the day too. The constant smile on his face kinda gave it away. 😉

So here’s to you, Dad. Now that this project is behind us, I still plan to put a plaque on the wall in dedication of your invaluable efforts! 😀

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