DOVE NOTE #95: The Look Of Love

For those looking for a stable, long-term relationship (LTR), there’s something very, VERY important that you need to know, understand and accept about LTRs: No One Stays The Same.

Now don’t laugh and shrug this off. Sure, you may think that this is nothing new and that you were already aware of this fact. But I’m not talking about changes like people growing in maturity (or immaturity in some cases) or having your taste in clothes or music change over time. No. What I’m referring to is the all-too-real truth that as you get older, your appearance will inevitably change. This WILL happen no matter how many creams you apply or workouts per week you manage to fit in. The fact remains that you will never look like you did at 18 when you’re 40, and neither will your spouse.

Now this is not to say that either of you will look bad necessarily. I’m pretty sure there are lots of people who become more attractive as they get older. All I’m saying is that when it comes to lasting love, don’t base your inward commitment on outward appearances.

You or your spouse may gain weight, lose hair or even develop liver spots. But when you endeavor to remember all the wonderful qualities that make them the most important person in your life, you’ll grow to appreciate those changes and the years of love and adventure that accompany them.

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One thought on “DOVE NOTE #95: The Look Of Love

  1. I always used to tell my girlfriend- “The day I hear you snore, we’re done.” But maybe I’ve been a little hard on her.

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