DOVE NOTE #61 – Mastering the Sixth Sense of Sex Perception

If you remember nothing else of the things I’ve written, please remember this when it comes to one of the key differences between intimacy for men and women:

For many men, intimacy originates from the eye.

For many women, intimacy originates from the heart.

Is one better than the other? Not necessarily. I believe they both serve a useful purpose.

Men are more visual. Because of this, they help bring an appreciation for physical beauty that translates into affirmation for every female body type. Meaning, some men prefer short, stout women, while others prefer their women to be tall and skinny (and everything in between). This reinforces the truth that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that women shouldn’t be overly concerned with looking like someone else. Aside from issues concerning health, they are encouraged to be comfortable in their own skin.

Women are more emotional. They bring balance to intimacy by preventing it from developing into what would otherwise become a very superficial pursuit. One that, when carried out, is a detriment to relationships of any true depth. They also help men learn to understand the relationship between the “physical expression of an emotional connection”. This curbs some men’s tendency to be selfish in pursuit of physical pleasure. This supports the healthy mindset that women are more than just arm candy and their value shouldn’t be reduced to that of a sex toy.

I honestly believe that it’s understanding these divergent motivations for intimacy that allow us to make a deeper connection with one another and bring about greater sexual satisfaction overall. The bottom line? Don’t settle for a one-night stand when you can have a whole-life adventure.

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One thought on “DOVE NOTE #61 – Mastering the Sixth Sense of Sex Perception

  1. you're just a dumb ass

    “The bottom line? Don’t settle for a one-night stand when you can have a whole-life adventure.” Brilliantly said! I like the eye & heart analogie! You have made me think further about this.

    The difference, though, is that men can be reduced to the same value as a sex toy for women. It has to do with our biological functions. Independant of the social advances women have made or the balance of gender roles in current society, women give birth. Point blank. Women may not be sexually selecting based on having a child, but we set the stage, tone, and control whether men will have sex or not.

    While my comments may not be embraced by many, you definitely inspired me to dedicate a post to this. It is so complicated yet simple. I think we know alot of this, but don’t really. Thank you for your very refreshing, balanced perspective!

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