Announcement: Kickstarter Project – Becki Ryan

The following is an exciting announcement from a dear friend of mine, Becki Ryan. 😀


Dear Friends,

I am really, really excited to share with you that I am working on a new worship project!!!  It has literally been about 5 years since I last really felt called to write and record worship songs.  Many of you have asked over the last couple years if I was ever going to do another worship project.  Well… now is the time!! This last season has been a journey of breaking, being molded, breaking again and being molded yet again.  This journey has been spilled out through song in a project I am really excited about. Specifically, I will be partnering with a worship leader named Kerri Crutchfield in Charlotte, NC.

The Lord has given both Kerri and I a vision for unity, women, worship and we are following what we feel called to do– record an EP.  Over the last 6 months we have been praying, writing songs and worshipping together at various events and services.  We feel strongly that the message of these songs has already resonated in us and will also resonate in the church and families.

In all honesty, we will not be able to complete this project without some money.  So… we have decided to do a “Kickstarter” campaign to help us reach the goal of recording these songs.  Kickstarter is an online website that helps connect creative projects like ours, with people who might want to financially support these projects.  This website allows usto offer incentives to those who choose to financially support the project.  This note is a “heads up” so to speak of another note that will soon be coming inviting you to partner with us in creating this record via Kickstarter. If we raise the needed amount in 30 days we will be able to record the project immediately following.  If we do NOT raise the ENTIRE amount you will NOT be charged and there will be no project. ;( sad!  There will be a link in the next note on this Facebook page, the Becki Ryan website, Adoration website and my personal twitter account.  I know…can you believe how “techy” I’ve gotten?… that’s all thanks to my “all things technological” friend Kerri!  Again those links will be in a follow-up announcement that we will send out soon.

Thank you so much for your support and love. Words can’t express my gratitude.

Blessings and LOVE,

Becki Ryan

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