DOVE NOTE #56: Get Out Of Bed

As much as we try to deny the excitement and pervasiveness of sex in modern society, it continues to be the elephant in the room. There are hundreds of reasons why this is the case and I won’t go into any of them here. But sex is often viewed as a taboo topic, generally speaking. But this Note isn’t about my displeasure with a prudish mentality. Instead, I’m going to speak freely about something that has been proven to add variety and spice to many a sex life (this is obviously for those who actually have a sex life or are anticipating having a sex life at some point in the future). It’s the concept of “Sex Without Sheets”. No, I’m not talking about stripping your bed and having sex on the mattress or box spring. I’m talking about moving OUT of the bedroom entirely.

As a man in a very happy marriage, I have to be mindful of how easily we can become content with the same old intimacy routine. Especially with the additional challenge of actually finding time for intimacy when we have several small children. You might assume that under such circumstances we would be happy to take whatever they can get. Surprisingly, this is not the case. We don’t just want anything simply to say we had it. Even after years of marriage and multiple children, sex should always be something we look forward to starting rather than something for which we can’t wait to end. No bueno. 😦

So we’ve made it a point to explore other rooms of the house (or your property, if you got it like that ). The living room, patio, kitchen, backyard, bathroom or even the garage can have an extraordinary affect on the pleasure of the act itself. A change of scenery can rekindle the passion of the moment in a way that simply changing position can’t always achieve. For instance, making love in front of the fireplace in a mountain of blankets… there’s something amazing about the sight of glistening skin in the flicker of firelight. On those cold winter nights you’ll fluctuate between the cool of the night air and the warmth radiating from the fireplace (and the bodies). It’s a feast for the senses.

So when your routine sex life begins to get stale, do what we did… get out of bed!

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