The anticipation of truth invades my thoughts
disturbing my haven of ignorance and imaginations
bigger, wider, thicker, slower
acceptance is a pill best taken on a full stomach of support and encouragement.

The image before me seems foreign
lamenting the loss of living loose fitting
stretched, snug, pulled, lifted
an effort of inhalation to recapture a semblance of the past.

The smile of self-conscious discoloration
withholding the typical approach of warmth
gritty, smelly, jagged, loose
the common reluctance of an office visit to prohibit the introduction of more shame.

The realization of a present happiness
casting away doubt and inconsistency
honest, catalyst, healthy, content
making the most of the tools given and becoming perfect in the imperfections.

By Myxl Dove
©2011 Browel Publishing

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