DOVE NOTE #5: Get A Foothold

(from the forthcoming book “Dove Notes”)

There is a universal truth among most women: They love to have their feet massaged. You don’t believe me? Ask any woman if she’d rather have chocolate or have a deep foot massage. Yeah, it’s that serious. I tell you, if it were possible, they would require it every night before bed, and every morning as they awaken.

Giving a woman a foot massage has several benefits. I will attempt to point out just a few of the more important ones, but I assure you this list is long.

  1. It’s a level of intimacy that men don’t readily comprehend. This is an erogenous zone for women. If she asks you to rub her feet, she’s inviting you into her personal space. This can sometimes be considered foreplay, but this should NEVER be assumes. Sometimes, her feet just hurt.
  2. It’s a clear indication of her level of comfort with you. Some women can be very self-conscious about their feet… how they look, the shape of their toes, whether or not they have an odor. She wants to know that she can trust you with an issue of hygiene and feel supported. She is also wondering exactly how honest you’re willing to be. Be careful with that one…
  3. It relieves her stress… almost completely. The work day could have been grueling and brutal to her, but coming home and being able to place her feet in your strong capable hands makes her feel 100 times better. It’s you loving her in a demonstrative way.

So the next time you’re sitting on the couch with her and she swings her legs over to plop her little piggies onto your lap, gesturing toward your hands… just know that she is communicating far more than a simple request. You’re holding the keys to the kingdom.

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2 thoughts on “DOVE NOTE #5: Get A Foothold

  1. Taylor Anne

    I am the anomaly. I hate having my feet rubbed. I’m just way too ticklish. It’s a terribly uncomfortable experience all around. When I was pregnant, Corey would offer and I would politely decline.

    • Yeah, that’s why I qualified it by saying “most” women. I know there are women who don’t want their feet touched. So this is for the group of women who do (or who don’t necessarily have an aversion to it, they just may not have ever had a good foot rub) 😉

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