DOVE NOTE #7: Move The Desk

(from the forthcoming book “Dove Notes”)

It is 2:00am.  You’re tired, sluggish, and preoccupied with thoughts of your warm cozy bed at home that you can’t wait to get into.  You have at least a 30 minute drive home, and your amazing girlfriend/fiance runs out of the house and over to your car, smiles and asks you if you could please help her move her desk from one room to the other before you leave.

What do you do?  You say “Absolutely” as quickly as you can possibly muster, and of course… smile. 😀

Any delayed reaction… any smirk or noticeable look of frustration on your face… and groaning or whining… will most likely negate every single wonderfully thoughtful thing you may have said or done that day.  It will all be marked as insincere and points will be deducted…. LOTS of points.

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