DOVE NOTE #39: The Thought Should Count

Conversations between men and women are nothing less than miracles.  We are fascinating creatures who are so alike and so different at the same time.  I marvel at this reality on a daily basis.  Whether it be my parents, my friends, or my co-workers, there’s just something about men and women talking to each other that doesn’t always fit snuggly.

I don’t know if it’s the same for women, but for some men… we don’t usually say anything until we’ve repeated it at least 100 times in our head first.  I’ve heard that women prefer to think out loud, and work to a conclusion as they talk.  But for men, I think we feel more comfortable speaking after we’ve tried to predict every possible outcome (preferable those that don’t result in increased anger and/or lack of sex).

Of course, as experience has shown, this will not always guarantee the best results.  But still we try.  Women sometimes misunderstand our silence during this process as ignoring them, but we’re actually thinking about what you said and what we should say.  So if we seem to be staring off into space, consider it an acknowledgment that what you’ve just said is of grave importance to us, and deserves the amount of time it takes us to respond.

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2 thoughts on “DOVE NOTE #39: The Thought Should Count

  1. I just read this post aloud to my husband, and I believe he would agree with your assessment–he didn’t actually SAY so–in fact, I think he’s still thinking about it. But in an hour or two, he might have a response ready, and I’ll let you know when he does.

    • LOL Keep me posted! I’m sure he’ll have something profound to share with you… whenever that happens. 😉

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