DOVE NOTE #4: Emote Control

(from the forthcoming book “Dove Notes”)

I have often been told by my women friends that when it comes to finding a suitable man, one priority is that he must possess leadership skills, while still allowing for the woman’s independence. What does this mean? Well, this is what I’ve learned…

Women (and men too, but for this I’ll say women) want to know that they are their own person. They never want to be defined by who they’re dating or to whom they’re married. They want people to know that they are capable of taking care of themselves and that they have their own opinions and preferences. It is important for others to know that they are not people who simply say yes or who blindly go along with everything their boyfriend/husband says or does. I believe this is absolutely necessary for a healthy relationship.

However, along with this, they want a man who can make decisions and take control. Someone who has purpose and vision. A man who can be a leader and make sound decisions without diminishing them. They appreciate a man who can take control of a situation, and in certain cases, take control of them (read between the lines). A good man is able to determine the appropriate time when he should compromise and when he should be firm. And even though they might make a fuss about it initially, these women admire a man who can take charge and get things done.

Never underestimate the allure of confidence and determination.

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One thought on “DOVE NOTE #4: Emote Control

  1. TheOthers1

    Very true. It’s spot on for me at least.

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