Nudity With Friends

My wife is part of a MOMS Club and every month they have what they call a “Mom’s Night Out” or MNO. The MNO is typically an event scheduled specifically for all the members to have a night of socializing WITHOUT their children or S.O.’s involvement. The type of event can vary from having a fondue party to learning how to paint at a local artist’s gallery.

This month’s MNO will be at our house and they’ve decided to have a movie night which basically consists of all the women gathering at our home and watching a pre-selected movie while munching on appetizers and/or sharing a bottle of wine.

So, being the Keeper of All Media that I am, my wife asked me what movies I had that she could offer for selection by the moms who would be attending the MNO. As I rattled off a list of possible choices, I started thinking about the content of some of these movies. The Dramas and Sci-Fi films lean toward violence. While the Rom-Coms tend to skew more raunchy these days. Then I began to wonder if other people consider the amount of violence, profanity and nudity when enjoying a movie with other adults.

I mean, we’re all adults and I’m not saying you invite people over to view porn. But there are a lot of mainstream movies out today that contain their fair share of T&A exposure to the point where it’s all but unavoidable if you want to watch something not produce by Disney or Pixar. So where do you draw the line in situations like this? You never know how someone may react to a woman being topless (and yes, I realize it’s probably different for men than women, but that’s an entirely different story ;-)) Do you base it on the overall comfort level of those who will be there? Do you determine it based on your own convictions?

So here are my questions…
How comfortable are you watching a movie with friends or family if it has some nudity in it?
And if you are comfortable, how much nudity would it take to make you uncomfortable?

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4 thoughts on “Nudity With Friends

  1. TheOthers1

    If the friend is female, I don’t usually give it a whole lot of thought. If the friend is male, then it’s a little uncomfortable. A guy friend and I go to movies together all the time and sex scenes always make me feel awkward. Something about the mixed company and the graphic nature makes me squirm.

    • That’s understandable. I just think that with some many differing opinions on nudity and sexuality among family, let alone friends, I tend to be very cautious about watching it with people other than my wife. I see no need to create unnecessary awkwardness among friends.

  2. There is a lot of nudity, and I just .. I can’t do it. I would just walk away if there was. Call me a prude, but my morals mean a lot more to me than a movie.

  3. NIara

    The nudity does not present a problem for me. Its the action that generally goes along with it that is awkward. I once saw a movie with my mom that had a lovemaking scene. I wanted to crawl out of that theatre. My mom seemed okay with it but I will NEVER do that again.

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