Dove Note #27: Small Effort, Huge Reward

(from the forthcoming book “Dove Notes”)

I remember a story about two years ago when my amazing (and increasingly sexy by the day) wife had a doctor appointment to have some X-rays taken. You can imagine that it’s pretty near impossible to take X-rays AND watch two small children. So I’d left work early that day in order to make sure that she wouldn’t have to worry about the kids.

While she was at the doctor’s office, she ran into one of the nurses that is usually around when we bring the little ones in for routine check ups. The nurse was used to seeing us all and she asked my wife about where we were. When she told the nurse that the kids were at home with me, the nurse turned to another nurse sitting next to her and said, “They are just the cutest couple! And they have the most beautiful children.” My wife smiled. She then told the nurse that I’d come home from work early just to watch the kids.

The nurse replied, “Aw, that’s a great guy right there.”  “Yeah,” my wife replied, “I have no complaints at all. I have a wonderful husband.” Of course, I was all cheesy when she relayed the conversation to me later that day. But it really reaffirmed my belief that it’s not necessarily the huge overtures of love that have the biggest impact. Sometimes it’s the small efforts that we put forth on a regular basis that set the tone for how we relate to one another. My wife appreciates these small gestures and often tells me how good they make her feel.

For instance, if I knew that she’d be driving my car on a certain day I’d make sure the CD that’s playing was set to a song she enjoys. It may seem inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but just knowing that she gets in the car, starts then engine and immediately smiles because I had the forethought to set that up for her… it’s a beautiful thing. It didn’t take much for me to do that. But it’s about making the effort and being consistent. The reward is a wife who brags about being in love with her husband.

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2 thoughts on “Dove Note #27: Small Effort, Huge Reward

  1. This made me smile SO BIG! 🙂

    Your book “Dove Notes” will be a bestseller!

    Keep being you and doing such things for your precious wife! It’s important to her…but you know, it’s, also, important for your children. You are teaching/modeling for your sons how to be good men/husbands…and you are teaching your daughter that good men/husbands are possible and it will impact what kind of guys she dates. 🙂


    • I would LOVE for “Dove Notes” to be a bestseller! That would be beyond awesome! I’m still in the process of writing the book. But once it’s finished, I’m hoping to help sell it to the publisher based on feedback like yours! Thank you!!! 😀 ❤

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