DOVE NOTE #22: Feedback

(from the forthcoming book “Dove Notes”)

For a woman, a comment can almost be akin to foreplay.  Women appreciate feedback.  They appreciate it more if they don’t have to prompt you first.  If she’s lost weight… comment.  If she has changed her hair color or length… comment.  If she has achieved a goal or any other accomplishment, no matter how trivial it may seem to you… comment.

These observations convey to her how important she is to you.  It establishes her value in a way that she will always remember and can often refer to.  Also, this gives her bragging rights with her friends, and if you don’t know… this is very beneficial for you.  Trust me.

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6 thoughts on “DOVE NOTE #22: Feedback

  1. Brittney

    this is SO insanely true! we did the languages of love challenge and my language of love, without a doubt, was words of affirmation. when jeff recognizes something i do or an accomplishment or anything it makes me feel so important and proud. i may pass this blog on to him 🙂

  2. The best forms of foreplay–a willingness to help out with the childcare and good conversation. Great post!

    • I’m with you 100%. My wife loves the fact that I’m so hands-on with our kids (I absolutely LOVE being a dad) and for me, her mind is even more beautiful than her appearance (and I think she’s smokin’ hot ;-)).

  3. Wow, you actually get it, whatever you have I hope it is contagious and all men catch it . Great post.

    • Thanks! I do have to give some credit to my wife for helping to “educate” me regarding such matters. But it’s amazing what you can learn by simply listening. 😉

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