Crazy Dreams

I have some of the most bizarre dreams. Most of the time I can’t remember them at all. But there seems to be some recurring themes in some of my dreams. For instance, many of my dreams have common settings like my old high school or my parents’ neighborhood. Sometimes I revisit places I remember from other dreams but the circumstances are different. And then you have those situations that make you feel uneasy, at best.

Over the years, I’ve experienced everything from inadvertently committing ridiculous crimes that would send me to jail for the rest of my life, to sleeping with faceless women who all seem vaguely familiar in the dream but are complete strangers otherwise. I’ve jumped off buildings, battled aliens in my backyard, discovered profound metaphoric religious truths, engaged in gun battles with would-be robbers, been best friends with celebrities, one of a handful of post-apocalyptic survivors with nothing but a pair of dockers and boots to my name, and I’ve even had a dream where I was lamenting the fact that I had to cut my super long hair. Yeah, I’ve never had long hair.

Some of these dreams probably deserve posts of their own. Maybe I’ll do that one day. That is, if I can remember them. What about you?

Any crazy dreams that you can remember?

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